Underarm Hair Removal Tips for Girls

Same as bikini line hair, underarm hair is one of the most irritating places to have hair. There are a couple different effective ways to take care of it right in your own home, and one that is more than just temporary. We are giving some advice for getting the most effective result, safety tips and whitening product for each method.

1. Laser or IPL (intense pulsed light) Hair Removal

Pulsed light or laser is used to weaken the hair follicle. You can also get laser or IPL (intense pulsed light) done professionally, Tria and Silk'n are both FDA cleared for home use. This method is the easiest and painless way to remove underarm hair. It wouldn't give you the immediate result, but with a couple of session treatment, you will see the significant result. Laser or IPL will permanent reduce the hair grown rate, and it is getting popular in past few years.
For Most Excellent End Result: Both companies will provide you specific instructions to use this hair removal device. You must carefully read the instruction on how many sessions to use, and how many weeks between each session. Do not use more than the instruction.
Safety Guidelines: Laser hair removal method only safe to use on light skin tone range. Darker skin can burn. Again, read carefully the instruction given.

2. Depilatory or Hair Removal Creams

This method is widely use because it gives the instant result compare to laser method. Apply hair removal creams, the depilatory basically breaks down the hair above skin's surface, then you can wipe it off.
For Most Excellent End Result: Try to wipe off small area to see if it's removing hair before taking off the cream from the area. But you are advised to not going over suggested maximum time.
Safety Guidelines: Hair removal creams are a strong product; never leave on longer than suggested in the instructions manual. Take off immediately if you feel burning.
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3. Shaving

Underarm hair removal can get instant smooth skin; shaving using razor is one of them. Every girl can do it, it is very simple, but need to extra careful, because you are dealing with your sensitive area of your body. This is the most common method o rid of unwanted hair.
For Most Excellent End Result: Take a warm bath first before shave, by doing this, you can soften your skin and hair. Always use a good quality razor and cream to shave.
Safety Guidelines: Make sure to shave in the opposite direction of hair growth to get a close shave.
4. Underarm Whitening

After get rid of underarm hair with above methods, you might want to whiten your underarm. This is the most common practice after removing underarm hair. Most of the underarm whitening products are cream you can applying the whitening according to the instruction given in the manual. Sometime dark pigment of underarm is cause by hormone change like after give birth.